Design Manager PDM
Parts Data Management is an add-on module for Design Manager that gives an integrated solution for the control of technical documents and parts.
Key Features
  • Works with AutoCAD R14, 2000i, Mechanical Desktop, AutoCAD Mechanical and AutoCAD LT.
  • Parts for inclusion can be selected manually or automatically extracted from drawings
  • Multi-level parts explosions.
  • Flexible set-up options.
  • Where used analysis.
  • Manufactured and bought parts databases.
  • User-definable parts list set-up.
  • Project hierarchy diagrams.
  • Fully supports Mechanical Designer parts.
  • Automatic and manual ballooning of parts with reference to the generated parts list.
  • Insertion of parts list into drawings
  • User definable part list reports
  • Parts list sorting and item numbering.
  • Parts list export in a variety of formats enabling connection to MRP and stock systems
  • Data import routine allowing bulk update of parts databases from MRP, etc
Because many parts have drawings, it is logical to combine management of drawings with bill of materials. Design Manager BOM pioneered this idea, which has now been adopted by many competitors. Design Manager PDM extends these capabilities into the management of the parts themselves. Many organisations require a system that is able to operate with AutoCAD LT and Design Manager PDM can also do this. Indeed, part lists can be generated from drawings with no CAD system installed at all! Thus saving the cost of an additional AutoCAD seat just for BOM use.
Tight integration with Mechanical Desktop allows all the parts for a model to be imported none modelled parts to be added and a bill or materials generated.
One of the major bottlenecks in the design process is producing Parts Lists (or Bill of Materials) of all the various components in a project. Not only is it time-consuming, but it can also be error prone. This leads to problems when assembly takes place and the vital part is missing! Integration with the design process means that the generation of the Bill of Materials is natural and intuitive and takes place alongside the creation of the design.
As many designs consist of a general assembly drawing, sub-assemblies (often nested to several levels) and detail drawings, it is usually required to carry out a parts explosion at various levels in the design. Design Manager PDM makes this process easy and painless.
Any part or drawing, registered in Design Manager, can be inserted into your drawing with part information automatically added. This means that creating the "feedstock" for the Bill of Materials is a simple by-product of the design process and is less prone to mistakes.
Once generated, parts lists can be viewed, printed, placed on an assembly drawing or exported to other applications such as MRP. A useful assembly structure diagram showing the relationship of parts can also be produced.
Placement of reference balloons can be done automatically and it is possible to balloon multiple drawings with reference to a single overall parts list.
The 'Where Used' analysis function will step through all projects highlighting instances of a selected part or drawing. This is vital to assess the impact of a design change to a component or sub-assembly on previous projects.
Note: Part Data Management is an extra cost module that requires a full Design Manager installation to operate.